Weekly markets

Catch a glimpse of local lifestyle: every town big and small provides the opportunity  to match your guided tour with a local, colourful weekly outdoor market. They  are usually  located on main squares and central streets, and open from 8 a.m. to 1 p. m.




Assisi (Piazza Matteotti, upper part of town)




Gubbio ( Piazza 40 Martiri)




Perugia – Pottery Market (on the steps  behind the Cathedral)




Castiglione del Lago (  Trasimeno Lake )


Corciano ( Perugia, exit  the E45 highway at  Ellera )




Orvieto ( Palace of the Captain of the People)


Perugia ( Ponte S. Giovanni)


Balanzano (just south of  Perugia )


Città di Castello




Bastia Umbra ( exit  the E45 highway at  “ Umbria Fiere “)


Tuoro ( Trasimeno Lake )




Passignano ( Trasimeno  Lake)


Assisi – S. Maria degli Angeli


Perugia – Pian di Massiano (exit  the E45 highway at  Madonna Alta; follow directions to the stadium)


Perugia – Pottery Market (on the steps  behind the Cathedral)




San Giustino ( north of Città di Castello)




Antique markets


Assisi (Bastia Umbra)  – April / May


Perugialast weekend of every month


Todi – March / April


And if you are in Perugia at the beginning of November, don’t miss the All Saints’ “Fiera dei Morti”, the largest annual fair  of the region.