Todi is a fascinating old town located in a delightful panoramic position on a  hill in the central area of Umbria. It offers  a number of interesting well preserved medieval buildings rich in history. It is the home of Jacopone, a great mystic and  a poet from the 13th century, and a remarkable figure of the Franciscan order and Italian literature.
The car park is connected to the hill top by means of a lift. 


Church of Santa Maria della Consolazione: this is a majestic domed church dating back to the 16th century, on a Greek-cross plan influenced by Bramante. It was built in consequence of a miracle. It is the most significant monument in the Umbrian Renaissance architecture

Church of S. Fortunato: a rare and beautiful example of German-style late Gothic hall church. In the crypt one finds the relics of Jacopone,  the medieval  friar and poet also known as “The mad of Christ”

The main square is bordered by three balanced and well-proportioned Gothic buildings and introduces to the Duomo, which reveals in its interior a peculiar and articulated history

The Medieval quarter: a stroll among Etruscan and Roman remains, fountains and small churches from the period of medieval communes such as St. Ilario and S. Mary in Camuccia, which preserves a precious 12th-century wooden statue of the enthroned Madonna and Child (“Sedes Sapientiae”)

“Nicchioni romani”: those are impressive monumental constructions which were part of a Roman public area

In Todi one finds a notable number of antique shops and original inlaid wood workshops

Around Todi try the excellent  Grechetto wine from the local  wineries, where tastings of  local cuisine is also available

Make a full-day tour, by adding to the Todi tour either Perugia, Orvieto or Carsulae (archaeological  site)