San Pietro in Valle



San Pietro in Valle Abbey

Situated in one of the most evocative points of the Nera Valley (or Valnerina), the Abbey of San Pietro in Valle is a must- for the art lovers because of its art treasures and for evebody else because of the beauty of the nature surrounding it. 
The Benedictine monastery was built in the 8th century in the same site where, according to the tradition, two hermits had lived. In the middle of a thick wood, the architecture of the complex is of surprising simplicity and elegance. The bell tower is of a type unusual to Umbrian models. But it is inside the church that the visitor will be astonished: the walls of the nave are decorated with one of the most complete 12th-century cycle of frescoes in Central Italy, narrating episodes of the Old and New Testament. Both the iconography and the preservation of the murals are of immense cultural value.
A few roman sarcophagi with various decorations, and a fine Lombard stone slab, complete the number of artworks to admire in the Abbey. Not to be forgotten is an especially attractive Romanesque cloister.