Passignano is an old medieval center, split between the lakeside promenade, and  a small medieval part. A maze of alleyways reaches up to a  massive tower perched on a high rock. From the top, the most outstanding view of the whole lake. 
From the lively lake front and the pier there is an amazing view of Isola Polvese, which was the first possession subdued by medieval Perugia, and of the two close-by islands Maggiore and Minore. Further beyond, the green rolling hills above Tuoro, where the Carthaginian general Hannibal defeated the Roman army  in 217 b. C.
A short distance from Passignano, visit the Trasimeno battle scene. The battle, part of the second Punic war, was fought in the 3century b. C. and ended up with a harsh defeat for the Roman legions. Along the itinerary,  stop at the explicative panels, an experience best suited for students.