Norcia is a small town located  in the Valnerina mountain area. The city walls were built in the shape of a heart. Well preserved and fascinating landscapes , abbeys and much more wonderful hamlets as well as truffles and cold cuts  are to be experienced along the valley of the river Nera.

Church of St. Benedetto: built upon the birth place of St. Benedict and his twin sister Scolastica, it preserves a few Roman remains

The Castellina: a 16th-century fortification housing an interesting art collection comprising wooden statues, ancient crucifixes from the 12th- and 13th century, altar pieces and delicate Renaissance carvings.The Etruscan Massenzi collection is also on display.( entrance fee and on previous request)

The city tour might include the frescoed church of St. Agustin, of St. Maria Argentea Cathedralend the “Tempietto”, a tiny  14th-century street  shrine

Please note: 

in 2016 this eastern part of Umbria was affected by an earthquake, so it could be  that some  of the older buildings, especially the churches, are not available for visits. Ask our office about what to do or see in Norcia and surrounding  Valnerina region.
In spite of the wounds caused by the quake, we still invite our  guests to visit Norcia and Valnerina, to admire the amazing landscapes,  try the tasty local food, and no less important,  give a little hand to the people who live there! 

Climbing up in the spring  to the Piana di Castelluccio, a 3.900 feet plateau, allows  the extraordinary view  of all the different  flowers from a  spectacular  colourful blooming.


There are plenty of delicatessen shops (norcineria) wherein to find the best truffles and sheep cheese (pecorino)
Make a full day adding Cascia, Valnerina hamlets such as Vallo di Nera, abbeys or a visit to a typical farm