Marmore Falls


Just a few miles outside Terni lies the Cascata delle Marmore (Marmore Falls). The waterfall is the highest in Europe with a drop of 165 metres, and it is an attraction to tens of thousands every year.
This is not a natural phenomenon: it was created by Roman consul Manlius Curtius Dentatus who artificially channelled the waters of the Velino river, which was forming a swamp in the plains of Rieti. The river was allowed to drop into the Nera at this point, not without much controversy between the people of Terni and those of Rieti.

Celebrated by painters and writers since the 16th century, Marmore Falls become a regular feature of the Grand Tour, and it captured the imagination of such Romantic poets as G. Byron, appearing at the same time to be terrific and sublime.
A path connects the lower and the upper outlook points, often passing very close to the cascading waters.The humid and mild climate of the area allows a thick vegetation to grow undisturbed.
Although the falls are diverted for hydroelectric use, the waters are released certain days throughout the year.The Nera River promotes a number of water sports such as kayak, rafting and canoeing.

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