Città della Pieve

Once inhabited by the Etruscan people, and later the site of an important early medieval church, it is a land famous as the birthplace of Pietro Vannucci, the Renaissance painter better known as “Il Perugino”. Perugino’s masterpiece, a lovely Adoration of the Magi, is to be found at the Oratory “dei Bianchi”*.  More of his works are in the Cathedral, and in the Church of San Pietro, where the artist left a dramatic Deposition dating to the last years of his activity. 

Every tourist and visitor will love to squeeze into the Vicolo Baciadonne, or Kiss-the-woman alley, one of the  narrowest streets of Italy. The rulers of the past, as the Perugians, built a Fortress on the eastern side of towns,
whereas the Della Corgna and Della Fargna families used to have their severe palaces in the central area of Città della Pieve.

*admission fee